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Secure Your Loved Ones and Home Anytime, Anywhere – with the Glow Guardian™ Lightbulb Security Camera!

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  • 1080P 360° Panoramic View (See everything. Miss nothing.)
  • Two-Way Audio for Real-Time Communication (Speak or forever hold your peace.)
  • Wireless Connection & Remote Control (No strings attached, literally.)
  • Real-Time Motion Tracking and Alerts (Stay alert or face the consequences.)

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Guaranteed High Quality

Night Vision Technology

24x7 Monitoring 

Fast & Easy Setup

No-Hasstle Returns

30-day Money Back Guarantee
(Because second best is not an option.)

Night Vision Technology (Because danger lurks in the dark.)

24/7 Monitoring
(Because danger never sleeps.)

Quick & Easy Setup
(Because every second counts.)

Hassle-Free Returns
(Because we understand fear of commitment.)

Experience Peace of Mind
and 24/7 Protection with Glow Guardian™. It's not paranoia if they're really after you.

The Glow Guardian™ is the perfect solution for those who understand that danger is real and ever-present. All you need to do is screw it into a powered E27 light socket and follow the simple setup instructions. It's as easy as changing a light bulb! With its built-in features, this camera offers a 360° panoramic viewing area, real-time monitoring via your phone, and a function to deter intruders. Secure your home, office, or garage in 1080P resolution!

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Connect Your Home In
A Smarter, Safer Way


Protection from Porch Pirates

Deter package thieves with our security light bulb and have recorded proof if your package goes missing. Because pirates should stay in the Caribbean.


Prevent Break-Ins & Thefts

Receive real-time alerts of any unusual activity in your house on your phone and take timely action to protect your home. Because your home is your castle.


Baby, Pet &
Senior Safety

Keep an eye on your loved ones when they are alone or being cared for, while capturing precious moments. Because they are your world.



Monitor every corner of your home, store, or warehouse day or night, right from your phone in 1080P clarity. Because you've worked too hard to let it all go.

Quick Setup

Power the camera by screwing it into a light socket
(Time is of the essence.)

Connect to Wi-Fi using our Cloud App (Stay connected or stay vulnerable.)

Enjoy live video and receive alarm notifications when motion is detected (Knowledge is power.)

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Product Details

  1. 1
    E27 Light Socket
  2. 2
    Enhanced Wifi Module
  3. 3
  4. 4
    4 White LEDs
  5. 5
    4 Array LEDs
  6. 6
    HD Lens
  7. 7
    Light Sensor
  8. 8
  9. 9
    Micro Sd Card Slot / Reset Button

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The Never-Asleep Camera
Keeps Guard 24/7

 The Glow Guardian™ security camera allows remote control via your smartphone anywhere, anytime! It records videos automatically when motion is detected. Alert notifications will be swiftly pushed to your mobile phone, helping you keep your home safe in real time.

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of customers said they would buy again & recommend GlowGuardian to others. (Because they understand the importance of safety.)


"I've been using it in an outdoor basement stairwell and it has held up nicely so far. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future for other areas of my house!"

Carl Keeton - Denver, CO


"The set up was extremely simple and the instructions give you a step by step set up process with words and pictures. (You can't go wrong). I'm quite pleased with the camera so far."

Brian Smith - Houston, TX


"When I first saw this camera, I actually like and buy it. No one can believe the bulb is a camera. Interesting shape and strong shooting ability are the reasons why I recommend this camera."

Jason - Reno, NV

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Allen E. Shinder - Houston, TX